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22 Gifts for the Feminist Mom Smashing the Patriarchy between Carpool and Bedtime

22 Gifts for the Feminist Mom

Gift Guide for the Feminist Mom

What fun is smashing the patriarchy every day if you can’t encapsulate that passion on a t-shirt? Every mom is a world-changer. These gifts recognize your feminist mom for the bad-ass activist and world-changer she is—whether she’s working at home wrangling the kids, marching in the streets for justice, or crushing it at the office.

If you make it to the end of this list, you’ll see my #1 recommendation for mom this year!

Check out these picks, and leave your own best gift ideas for your favorite feminist mom in the comments. Moms, here’s to you for making the world better for each of us, all between carpool and bedtime.


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1. Mommy and Me: Strong Like a Mother Set

Strong Like a Mother T-shirt set for Mommy and Me

Like mother, like daughter. And son. Gift mom with this t-shirt set she can share with her son or daughter.

You can get this at HappyBearTees on Etsy. The set comes in white or grey. The child sizes include onesies for ages newborn to 24 months, or t-shirts 12 months to Youth XL. You can also add more child t-shirts to the order in case mom has multiple strong kiddos to outfit.

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2. Crafting with Feminism

In this book, moms and daughters (or heck, just moms) can craft anything to make your feminist agenda clear as day. From jewelry to undies to cactus planters, make a statement with creative projects that older kids and moms can do together.

Need activities or a theme for a slumber party? This book has you covered. Or plan events like a bridal shower, housewarming, or women’s history party. There’s nothing like gathering up a bunch of crafty gals to bond over pliers and glue.

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3. Badass Mama Keychain

Badass Mama Keychain

Make sure mom knows just what a badass she is with this sweet keychain.

Gold brass or silver aluminum, it’s 1.5 inches in diameter and hangs from a 1 inch key ring. You can get it from the wonderful SimpleStamp shop, which has all kinds of stamped jewelry.

Up to 40 characters can be personalized on the back, so you can list a couple of ways mom kicks butt.

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4. Snarky Boss Lady Pen Set 

Every boss lady needs pens. Lots and lots of pens. Gift mom with this set so she can declare “This meeting is bullshit” in style.

Also featured:

“I hate everyone too.”

“Coffee before adulting.”

“Fight like a girl.”

“Boss Lady.”

“Stop Talking.”

Perfect for note-taking, subtly telling Fred to stop talking so much in that C-level meeting, or noting down her feminist agenda, these pens will delight any boss(y) mom.

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5. Changing the World From Home T-shirt

Mothers Changing The World From Home T-Shirt

All moms are world-changers. Why not let them know you notice with this great t-shirt proclaiming “Mothers: Changing the World From Home.”

LittleOceansFluff is the wonderful female-forward Etsy shop where you can get this shirt and any number of shirts for in-charge moms.

Whether a stay at home mom or working outside the home, every mom is changing the world by raising their kids.

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6. Mama Needs a Fucking Minute Pin

Mama Needs a Fucking Minute Pin

Every mom needs a fucking minute. As in, give me a fucking minute to use the bathroom by myself. Or hear myself think. Or get in the door before hearing what your brother did.

Get it from Drawings by Nicole.

Give mom a mental break with this pin that fits right on her pantsuit or her pajamas. Wherever.

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7. GRL PWR Banner

GRL PWR Banner

This GRL PWR canvas banner hangs on the teenager’s door, in the playroom, or in mom’s office. Let everyone know that the girl power is strong in this house.

Get it at JennaAliyah. Hand printed on canvas, 6.5 inches square, 9 inches total length with string.

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8. We Should All Be Feminists 

This small book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an adaption of her amazing Ted Talk. Offering a modern take on feminism that is inclusive and intersectional, Adichie is a must-read for any woman thinking about modern feminism.

Oh, and it’s super short. If mom has little kids, this is perfect for those ten minutes of bedtime reading before she crashes.

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9. Helpless Without Her Sticky Notes

Over at The Bossy House we get it: no one can find anything without mom.”She was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her.”

Even if her family can’t function without her, she’ll console herself with these sticky notes. Just kidding, there’s no consolation for doing the physical and emotional labor of motherhood. But at least these are hilarious.

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10. Empowered Women Coffee Mug

Feeling a little stabby? Take this travel mug to work and make sure everyone understands your intentions. You are here to empower other women… and also take down the patriarchy.

“Empowered Women Empower Women and also meet in the dead of night to sharpen the wooden stakes they will stab into the heart of the patriarchy.”

Good for hot or cold drinks, this mug makes it clear that you’re in the girl gang. Or, you could get this triple travel set to bring a little variety into mom’s life.

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11. Mothers Against Misogyny Racerback Tank

This racerback makes it plain: this mother is NOT HERE for your misogyny. Mom can wear this to the gym, to the beach, or anywhere she’ll encounter misogyny.

Okay, anywhere. Enjoy.

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12.Feminist AF Engraved Office Name Plate

This office nameplate belongs on the desk of every feminist. Plus, there’s the added bonus of confusing anyone over the age of 40.

Amazon has a whole host of these nameplates that you can choose from here. Pick the one that’ll impress your particular mom.  My favorite is “Girls Just Want to Have Literally Half the Power in Every Human Institution.” Word.

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13. Feminist Ribbon Pin

Feminist Pin for Feminist Moms

I love this pin. LOVE IT SO MUCH. First of all, it’s small and perfect for my lapel pin collection. By small, I mean about 1 cm by 3.5 cm. But get this, it can be made into a pin OR a magnet, and you can have your choice of colors on the sparkly glitter background (though I don’t know why you wouldn’t choose the turquoise glitter shown here but go ahead, ruin your life).

TeaPeach is the sweetest Etsy shop with stickers, sparkles, and girl power.

If your feminist mom rocks a pantsuit everyday and needs a little bling, this is for her.

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14. Angela Davis Print

Angela Davis Walls Print

Incredible inspiration from Angela Davis, perfect for any feminist home.

“Walls turned sideways are bridges.”

Angela Davis’s image and quote is printed on a 1920’s Greek Encyclopedia page scan. This incredible print is giclée printed on archival paper by the Etsy shop AnaGenessis. Prints can be ordered in three sizes: 8.3×11.7, 11.7×16.5, or 12.6×17.7 inches.

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15. Mama Breastfeeding T-shirt

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Breastfeeding T-ShirtNot only do moms create life and provide their babes with sustenance, but they do it all while doing everything else.

At TopKnotGoods you can find all kinds of t-shirts with that 70’s women’s lib vibe.

Make sure the supermom in your life is recognized for being the ultimate, life-giving multi-tasker.

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16. Smash the Patriarchy for our Daughters Pin

Smashing the Patriarchy for our Daughters Pin

Every mom is making the future a better place for her kids. We are especially working to dismantle the patriarchy so our girls have a bigger life than we could imagine for ourselves.

This pin is perfect for purses, backpacks, and your local women’s march protest. 1.5×2.5 inches. The shop has tons of progressive buttons, and even offers bulk discounts.

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17. Granddaughters of Witches Bracelet

Granddaughters of Witches BraceletCelebrate the legacy of strong, witchy women with this bangle bracelet.“We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.”

They can try, but we aren’t going anywhere.

Comes in aluminum, brass, or copper, and can be personalized by contacting the BodhiNyx Etsy shop. I personally love the one with flames on the ends. Burn it down, witches!

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18. Raging Feminist Tote

Raging Feminist Mom Tote

Help mom declare her politics at the farmer’s market, on the way to dance class, or on a trip to the library with this canvas tote. and

LET someone cut her in the airport security line and SEE what this raging feminist mom does.

At FabulouslyFeminist, pick from a huge selection of awesome bags and t-shirts that perfectly express what’s on your mind.

Measures 14 x16 inches and holds everything except your emotional baggage.

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19.Deck the Halls and Smash the Patriarchy Sweater

Deck the Halls and Smash the Patriarchy Sweater

Every mom needs an “ugly” Christmas sweater for that work party. Let her celebrate the holiday AND make a feminist statement with this great sweatshirt.

At FourthWaveApparel you can find more feminist t-shirts perfect for mom.

This one comes in six colors with unisex sizing. Get one now to ring in the holiday in feminist style.

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20. Strong Women Wood Sign

Strong Women Wood SignIt couldn’t be more true: we are strong women because strong women raised us. And now we’re raising our own little women to be strong and powerful. Big props to multi-generational feminism.

This wooden sign is 3 inches by 24 inches, and is perfect for the home of any mom or grandma. This, and the coolest wooden signs, can be found at HollywoodinKnoxville. The rustic look never looked so progressive.

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21. Change for No One Pin

Change for No One Pin

About 1 inch by 1.5 inches, this little banner pin attaches to mom’s jean jacket and reminds us all to be ourselves and change for no one. Sometimes we all need a reminder, amirite?

Get it and other crafty lovelies at JanesRebellion.

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And finally, my FAVORITE gift for your feminist mom!

22. Smasher of the Patriarchy Trophy

Does mom deserve a trophy? This is the perfect statement piece for a woman who has it all… except perhaps not enough recognition of her incredible contributions to dismantling the patriarchy.

This evokes the image of a beauty pageant except more… feminist. Let’s give out awards where awards are due. Did your mom friend stand up to her daughter’s all-male sports league? Demand a raise? Have a sick burn for those cat-callers? Get her the trophy she’ll truly treasure.

Check out Get Bullish’s collection of trophies here, including this Congratulations You Will Survive the Coming Matriarchy trophy for your male allies.

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