3 Reasons You Can't Stay Organized 

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In this free, on-demand workshop, you'll learn the three mistakes keeping you disorganized, and how your family command center can help manage ALL your family systems! 

Plus you get my step by step process for setting one up!

Are you ready to take your family systems to the next level?

Command Center 


Template Pack

Print and place inside 8x10 frames for write-on-wipe-off calendars, checklists, and more!

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You get my 2-hour intensive that walks you step by step through setting up your own customized Command Center! It also includes my personal Command Center Template Pack of 100 pages of calendars, to-do lists, and other templates.

It's not just an intensive, it's a SYSTEMS REFRESH

Get all your home systems batched, set up family communication, collect your materials, pick your location, AND have fun? YES

Download my Financial Planning Templates and start setting up systems for managing your money that MAKE SENSE!

My system helps you set it up so you can eventually AUTOMATE and never work or worry about your monthly finances again.

• Know where all your money is going!

• Track your debt and savings 

• Calculate weekly and monthly expenses

• Plan for annual expenses and bills

Hi, I'm Julie

I'm a mom and school principal, and I help moms set up systems at home to reduce mental stress.

I've spent my 25-year career putting systems in place to manage a building full of kids and adults, and motivate those folks to get the most out of every day. 

As a mom, I'm right there with you trying to retain my sanity enough to get to and from work AND enjoy evenings with my family.  

I believe ANYONE can put systems in place and go from "hot mess mom" to the BOSS in just a few weeks. 

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My courses are the FASTEST, most effective way to set up your systems at home... for GOOD. 


Set up systems at home:

• to organize and refresh your space

• to save mental energy

• to get your family involved


The ultimate set-it-and-forget-it system for

• spending less

• saving more

• automating your money

MOMS and other 


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• Evaluate your systems at home 

• Solve family difficulties with systems

• Audit your bank account

• Set goals for the year ahead!


One bossy lady and (what's turning out to be) a very bossy 8 year old. 

Over at The Bossy House, my mission is to support parents with reliable strategies for reducing mental stress. I'm passionate about setting up systems and routines so you can spend more time enjoying your family (and napping) and less time thinking about the laundry. 

Though I often direct my content at moms, I aim to support a huge variety of parents and represent clearly my belief that all people have dignity and value. I believe that Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQIA+ people deserve full equality. I aim to listen and learn from people of color and Indigenous, disabled, Black, and Trans people, and I'm open to feedback when it looks like I have more to learn. The easiest way to contact me directly is on Instagram DM. 

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