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These scheduling strategies can help you avoid common budget pitfalls

Video 1: get honest

How to use a down to zero budget | The Bossy House

Video 2: make a budget

Avoid Budget Pitfalls with these Easy Scheduling Techniques |The Bossy House

Video 3: avoid pitfalls

Video 4

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Download your FREE budget planning templates to help you get it all together! 

Overdraft fees and late charges are tripping you up, and "surprise" big expenses are derailing your goals for financial peace of mind. Find out how to use easy scheduling strategies to avoid budget pitfalls. 

Use the worksheets in this video to list your monthly bills and annual expenses to make your financial planning simple and successful!

  • Schedule your monthly bills by pay period to ensure you never pay overdraft fees again.    
  • Track your quarterly and annual big expenses like school tuition and vacations. Make a plan for saving for those instead of incurring interest.
  • You're doing the work to get your finances together--  keep taking small steps and you'll be done with your plan in no time.

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