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Be the Boss of Your Home

Be the Boss of Your Home will show you exactly how to set up systems that save time, get your family involved, and bring PEACE to your home!

Sick of the WORK of parenting, and ready to take charge at home?  

home organization center

Are you dreaming of living in a chaos-free home?

(maybe someday... when the kids move out, right?)

As a mom and school principal, I get it.

The stress of parenting is making you the worker bee instead of the leader at home. You're exhausted. And asking yourself questions like:

  • Is it me? Am I just terrible at organizing?
  • Why am I the only one doing any work around here!?
  • Do I have to wait until the kids are grown to get some sleep?
  • Even after I get the house organized... will it stay that way?

The truth is, IT'S NOT YOU. 

The WORK of parenting and running a home is so great, you can't actually just work MORE to get ahead. 

What if you could step back, become the BOSS of your home, and put smart systems in place? 

What if you could: 

  • Get the house organized, the money managed, the toys wrangled, and the family schedule solved
  • Do less work and spend less time doing it by batching your chores
  • Finally ENJOY the time with your family instead of worrying about housework all the time
  • End the self-sacrifice and the over-working, and finally have more time for YOU and your goals and dreams.
  • Get your whole family involved in helping you run the home, lightening your load instantly
  • Create systems in your home that put stressful jobs (like managing the money) on autopilot
Julie Lause

Hi I'm Julie! I'm a mom and school principal, and I'm ready to teach you how to boss-up your home.

I've spent my 25-year career putting systems in place to manage a building full of kids and adults, and motivate those folks to get the most out of every day. 

AND as a mom, I'm right there with you trying to retain my sanity enough to get to and from work AND enjoy the evenings with my family.  

It's a lot for anyone. And it doesn't help when our systems are out of whack.

I created Be the Boss of Your Home to help moms put my school-principal strategies in place to manage the house, keep the kids on track, and grab back all that mental energy so you can enjoy the good stuff with your family.  

I believe ANYONE can put systems in place and go from "hot mess mom" to the BOSS in just a few weeks. 

I'm so excited to see how you'll transform your home with this course!

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Are you ready to be the BOSS?

Then you're ready for...

Be the Boss of Your Home


This online course will teach you my school-principal strategies to get and keep your home organized, get the kids on track, and grab back all that mental energy and time so you can ENJOY the good stuff-- time with your family!

"This system gives me hope! With everything that is going on, I am overwhelmed. The world is filled with uncertainty but this program has given me light. The support and encouragement that Julie gives has meant more than I can describe in words."


Be the Boss of Your Home is a 7 Module digital course. 

You can complete this course, all from your own kitchen table. The whole program is completely digital, and you can go at your own pace and take all the lessons on your own schedule. 

MODULE 1: Being the Boss of Your Home

Get started learning about systems and how they can save you time, energy, and money! 

  • Prepare to get in the leadership/boss mindset about your home
  • Learn how setting up systems can solve problems in your home and save you money
  • Evaluate your current systems and set goals for the course

MODULE 2: Your House

Re-organize your home so it works for EVERYONE, especially you!

  • Set a clear vision for how you want your home to feel, work, and look
  • Set a purpose for each room
  • Decide where all your stuff goes
  • Examine your relationship with stuff and set systems for regular decluttering

MODULE 3: Systems for Using Time as a Family

Get your family schedule organized and get on the same page about how you use time.

  • Evaluate how your family uses time and how your attention matches your activities
  • Create a family schedule and routine for communication
  • Set up a customized personal planner for you
  • Learn strategies for when you don’t have enough time

MODULE 4: Set up Your Command Center

Create a transformative space that makes transitions easier, holds your family communication hub, and batches many of your family systems together.

  • Learn how to create a command center that’s better than  just a landing spot for your keys
  • Build a communication station for your family
  • Batch your home systems together
  • Get the family on board with helping to manage the home

MODULE 5: Systems for Toy Management

Wrangle the toys, turn regular toys into meaningful learning opportunities, and put systems in place to keep the toys tidy. 

  • Keep the play are cleaned up and uncluttered
  • Learn how to engage them with fewer toys
  • Find out how to make regular toys into powerful learning tools
  • Create a play space for your kids that is engaging, purposeful, and easy to take care of 

MODULE 6: Getting the Team Involved

Get your amazing team-- your family-- involved in sharing the work of managing your home. 

  • Unify your family around a mission and values 
  • Get your family “team” on board to help you manage the household systems
  • Pick chores for your kids based on your values
  • Develop incentives to get stuff done at home

MODULE 7: Strategies for Long Term Success

Learn how to keep these systems running smoothly for the long haul!

  • Learn how to stay in the supervisor role and move your resources around when you need to
  • Learn what to do when a system breaks down
  • Get strategies for keeping your systems running smoothly for the long haul
  • Celebrate how far your home and your family have come! 


Check out these limited-time bonuses

Bonus 1
Home Systems Self-Assessment

Before you start the course, check out this awesome self-assessment tool!

This tool will help you determine which systems you should prioritize as you start the course, where to put those systems, and how to start delegating. 

resource library
Bonus 2

Resource Library

Inside the course, you get my resource library with all my templates, spreadsheets, and how-to videos.

This library is full of links, templates, and videos-- all to help you implement the course ideas as fast and effectively as possible! 

live Q&A
Bonus 3
You've got questions? I've got answers: LIVE. 

In our private Facebook group just for course-takers, I go live once a month to answer your questions.

Got a BURNING question about the best way to implement your plan? Stuck about a decision? We can chat about it in real time. 

“I’ve just this afternoon reorganized our whole learning and play environment with your helpful course. I was like a crazy lady but I got through it!”


Your Home BEFORE Be the Boss of Your Home: 

• Stuff is everywhere, and you don't have time to clear the clutter or make your place special

• You're the worker bee cleaning up after everyone and being the cruise director at home

• You're so stressed with the WORK of parenting that you don't have the time or energy to enjoy your family

• You try to get ahead by working all weekend, but you're  exhausted every night and can't catch up.

• You're sacrificing on the stuff you KNOW is good for you (like sleep and exercise) 

• You're missing bills, the toys have taken over, and you're forgetting important details: all signs you're overstretched

• No one can tell how hard you're working. It's like you're invisible

Your Home AFTER Be the Boss of Your Home: 

• Each room and the stuff in it has been aligned to the PURPOSE of that room

• You've put time-saving systems in place for communication, housework, scheduling, money management, and the toys

• Any problem that comes up, you can instantly create a system that will take the work and worry out of it

• You've delegated jobs to your kids and partner that they can actually DO (almost as well as you!) 

• No more missed bills, and the toys are getting re-set (by the kids!) every night

• You enjoy time with your family because you're no longer thinking about all the WORK you have to do

• No more self-sacrifice and over work. You feel in control, like the BOSS of your home! 

“I love the course! Already the house feels better. 

What I found really helpful was thinking through the purpose of each room and how to support each member of my family to easily do the right thing.

We are loving the changes we are seeing at home.”


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Be the Boss of Your Home 

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Includes all Modules:

MODULE 1: Being the Boss of Your Home

MODULE 2: Your House


MODULE 3: Systems for Using Time as a Family

MODULE 4: Set up Your Command Center

MODULE 5: Systems for Toy Management

MODULE 6: Getting the Team Involved

MODULE 7: Strategies for Long-Term Success


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7 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Home Workbook

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: My resource library

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A




SAVE $53 by paying in full!

7 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Home Workbook

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: My resource library 

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Bundle of Ebooks and Templates

How much time will it take me?

I like to say that you can do the whole course in 2 weeks, and you can. But honestly the best approach is to take it at the speed of change in your house. 

If you want to go slow on the home re-organization module because THAT is what the problem is at your house, take a week or two on just that module until you get your home exactly where you want it to be.  THEN you can put the other systems in place with a fresh, just-moved-in feeling home. 

If that module is a quick win for you, you will move faster. There is NO rush, and no right or wrong way to do it. You customize this course to YOUR needs in YOUR home. 

You have 12 months access to the course, so take your time and do it right!

woman opening front door

There's no better time to take charge!

If you’re frustrated now, imagine where you’ll be in six months. 

YES during a pandemic. YES when you’re stuck inside all the time.

What better time to re-organize the systems in your home than when you are faced with the chaos like never before. 

We’re in our homes more now, and that means we are acutely aware of the problems, more motivated than ever to fix them, and desperately ready to get our families involved to lighten the load. 

If you’re running around like crazy picking up after everyone and sweeping underneath the same chairs after every meal and need a dear friend to say “hey! Take a break,” I’m your gal. 

We can step back, take a second to look around and evaluate your home, and then put systems in place to have you working LESS and enjoying life MORE in no time. 

In 6 months you’ll wish you started today.

You're not terrible with organization. 

The WORK is just that hard. 

The way I see it, you've got two choices:

ONE: You can stay struggling 

doing more WORK, staying up all night to get "ahead"

(and feeling guilty because you don’t have time for your family)

Or TWO: you can follow a proven plan to take away all that struggle, and actually ENJOY your home and your family again!

You can DO THIS, even if you're currently trapped under a pile of laundry!

I'm hopelessly disorganized!

No matter how much chaos you're in when you start, putting systems in place helps even the most disorganized moms. 

You're not hopeless. You're just trying to do too much work.

I walk you step by step through creating systems in your home.  And you'll find you're not so disorganized after all!

What if I can't keep it up?

Putting systems in place cuts your work in half and gets you back the time and energy you need to keep your home organized and amazing.  

And in Module 8 I teach you my strategies for keeping these newly-created systems working smoothly for the long haul.  

I don't have the time to take on one more thing.

Part of the reason you're so swamped for time is you're not getting the benefit of time-saving systems. 

Yes, you'll need to carve out some time to create these systems. But once you do, you're gonna get back all that time and energy. and find you have more time for you (and sleep!)




7 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Home Workbook

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: My resource library

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A




SAVE $53 by paying in full!

7 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Home Workbook

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: My resource library 

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Bundle of Ebooks and Templates

The Bossy House Guarantee

I think you're going to LOVE this system and the freedom it gives you to work LESS on managing the home and spend MORE of your time with your family. 

But if after spending two weeks you feel like it's not for you, I get it. I don't want you to invest in something that you can tell isn't going to work. If you aren't totally confident in Be the Boss of Your Home, simply reach out to me at [email protected] within 14 days of purchasing the course and show that you've put in the work to make the system work for you. We will refund the total cost of the course.



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“I'm so excited about the new year and the plan Julie helped me put in place!"


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