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If you're tired of the WORK that goes into managing your money and the worry about your finances, Be the Boss of Your Money will show you exactly how to set up a system that keeps you on track and helps you meet all your financial goals.  

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Are your finances a mess?

Do you have big financial dreams but no path to meet them? 


In debt?

Struggling to save up for something big?

If you want to afford your life without financial worry...

You're in the right place!

The stress of managing your money has you locked in a vicious cycle of overspending and going into debt. And you're asking yourself questions like:

  • Is it me? Am I just terrible at managing money?
  • Is it too late to turn my situation around?
  • Even after I get my finances organized...will they stay that way?


You just need a plan that works for you. One that takes the work and worry out of managing your finances each month. 

What if you could take charge of your finances, WITHOUT making a line-item budget or penny pinching?

What if you could: 

  • Create a plan that makes YOU the boss of your bills instead of the other way round.    
  • Make good choices about your money because you know the whole picture, and you know where your money is going each month. 
  • End the cycle of overspending and debt.
  • Erase your financial worry and take away that feeling of dread when you think about money.  
  • Create a plan that puts your finances on autopilot and doesn't rely on your willpower to work.
  • Spend less and make fewer costly mistakes. That means more money for your goals like debt or savings.  

Willpower is NOT required for money management success.

Can't stick to a budget? You just need a different kind of plan. 

Ready to take charge with a plan that works for YOU?

then you're ready for

Be the Boss of Your Money 

This comprehensive online course will take you step-by-step through creating your very own customized financial management plan.

THEN you learn how to automate the whole thing, taking all the work and worry out of managing your money each month. 

"The Bossy House system has helped me to put my money where I want it to go. I know where my money is now! Before, I had no clue where my money was going. The Bossy House system is a total game-changer for me."


Be the Boss of Your Money is a 6 Module digital course. 

You can complete this course, all from your own kitchen table. The whole program is completely digital, and you can go at your own pace and take all the lessons on your own schedule. 


Module 1: Boss Foundations

Before we dive into creating our plan, we first need to set the foundation so the plan can be successful. Yep, you guessed it: that means setting some goals. Don't worry, though: I'll help you figure out JUST what goals you should be setting for your long-term financial picture. 

Module Highlights

  • Identify your negative money mindsets so you can shake off old ideas about what you're capable of.  
  • Learn exactly how a zero-based budget works, setting the foundation for creating your own plan in the next module. The Bossy House system is unique, and this module is key to getting REALLY smart about your money!
  • Identify the dollar amount of your goals and your own personal definition of financial freedom. Once you know what freedom means to you, you're able to create a plan to get there. 


Module 2: Be the Boss of Your Budget

Once you're done with this module, you'll have your monthly bills calendared and your typical weekly spending calculated. With just those two pieces of information, you can make almost ALL of your important financial decisions. 

Module Highlights

  • Never let a bill be a surprise again! You will calendar out all your monthly bills and begin the process of determining exactly how much your life costs you to live! 
  • Conduct an audit of your spending to find out EXACTLY how much you need for cash spending each week and month. 
  • Instead of penny pinching to save money, you're going to do a deep dive on the VALUE of the spending you've been doing with my handy audit system. Let's only cut things we don't value, or else we won't be able to stick to this plan. 


Module 3: Your TRUE Cost of Living

What is your TRUE COST OF LIVING? That is, exactly how much does it cost you to live your life? I'll help you find all the hidden places you are spending and figure out if you are truly living above your means or not. 

Module Highlights

  • Use another guided audit to identify expenses that are irregular and invisibly draining your bank account. 
  • Clean up your account by cancelling unneccesarry subscriptions or mystery charges. 
  • Learn how to create an annual savings program and identify the dollar amount of your invisible annual spending that you will save for.


Module 4: Make Your Plan

Armed with all the data collected from your work in the previous modules, it's time to make your personal money management plan using the linked and color-coded Bossy House System spreadsheets.

Module Highlights

  • Select your pay period plan and match your bills to your pay periods. This ensures that no bill will be unfunded next month. 
  • Enter into the spreadsheets all of your data and find out: CAN I AFFORD MY LIFE!? Here, you are creating a plan based on your TRUE cost of living and seeing JUST HOW MUCH you have each month to dedicate to your goals. 
  • Finalize your money management plan, getting ready to put the plan in place next month!


Module 5: Automate Your Financial Plan

In this module, I teach you how to use your bank's free services to automate your plan. You are GUARANTEED to succeed and... there's virtually no work each month to stick to this plan. 

Module Highlights

  • Set up your bank accounts! You will set up multiple accounts for different purposes, and I'll walk you through the whole thing! 
  • Set up your system for automatic bill pay, account transfers, and debt repayment. 
  • Use my guidance to make sure all your bills and all your charges are coming from the right accounts. With my system, you won't miss a payment. 


Module 6: Enjoy the Ride!

We're not done yet! Now that you have created your plan and set it up to automate, it's time to press GO and watch it run. I'll guide you through the process!

Module Highlights

  • Learn exactly how to avoid implementation problems in the first month. You'll find out how to live in this automated system each month, including steps for success that I've been using for years.  
  • Use my custom trackers for ensuring every bill is paid and every account you create is working just the way you designed it. 
  • Create systems for moving money around manually when an emergency arises. You will leave confident in your understanding of every part of The Bossy House System, and manage your own money wisely! 


Check out these limited-time bonuses

computer with spreadsheets
Bonus 1
The Bossy House System Spreadsheets

These sheets are the KEY to creating your amazing money management plan. In just a week you will be starting to personalize your very own plan.

These exclusive sheets are color coded to make it simple to follow along with the course. They're also linked so ALL THE MATH is done for you! 

Be the Boss of Your Money Facebook Group
Bonus 2
Private Facebook Group JUST for you

This is the place to connect with everyone else who is taking the course.  

Get feedback, share ideas, and find encouragement along the way, from folks going through the exact same course! 

The Bossy House Bonus
Bonus 3
Live Access to me in the Facebook Group

Every month I'll be going live in the group to answer questions for course-takers in real time. 

Got a BURNING question about the best way to implement your plan? Stuck about a decision? I got you! And no question is too small-- I'm here with you until you get this set up right!

I absolutely love these ideas and this system. I'm working through it all and setting up a plan that my family can get on board with!"


BEFORE Be the Boss of Your Money: 

• You THINK you should have enough money each month to afford your life, but you come up short every time. 

• Thinking about your money situation fills you with dread, and you avoid basic tasks like paying bills. 

• You promise to never put anything on the credit card, but you keep going deeper in debt. 

• You have dreams of buying a house or retiring early, but with your current situation you're not on track for your goals. 

• You've tried to track your spending and stick to a budget, but after one month you can't keep up the work of staying on top of a line-item budget.

AFTER Be the Boss of Your Money: 

• You know exactly how much money you need to afford your life AND you have some left over to meet your big goals.  

• You've timed out your bills, ensuring you'll never miss a payment or get a late fee because of timing. 

• You have strategies for curtailing overspending and don't have to penny pinch to make ends meet. 

• Your finances are cleaned up, you've eliminated unnecessary spending, and you know exactly where all your money is going each month. 

• Your whole financial system is on autopilot, meaning you LITERALLY do nothing to pay your bills, put money into savings (or debt repayment), and manage your financial life.

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Be the Boss of Your Money 

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You'll get access to all 6 video modules, the Be the Boss Workbook, and all the resources you need to confidently create your money management plan with HUGE success.

  • Bonus 1- The Bossy House System Spreadsheets
  • Bonus 2-  Private Facebook Group 
  • Bonus 3- Live Access to the monthly Q&A


Regular Price: 

$120 x 4

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$95 x 4


6 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Money Workbook

BONUS: Bossy House Spreadsheets

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A



Regular Price: 


Your Price: 



SAVE $53 by paying in full!

6 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Money Workbook

BONUS: Bossy House Spreadsheets

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Bundle of Ebooks and Templates

Get it NOW! 


Hi I'm Julie! 

I'm ready to teach you how to be the BOSS of your money!

I'll teach you the SAME systems I used to finally get free of financial worry.

Back in 2004 I saved up and bought a house. But , like lots of first-time home buyers, I had nothing left once I moved in. 

I used 0% interest credit cards to renovate the house. A year later as the cards were about to expire, I was absorbing that debt into a home refinance.  

Smart strategy, right? 

Well... in the middle of the refinance, Hurricane Katrina hit. My refinance was off, I had $40k of credit card debt at 13% interest, and now I had both the mortgage in New Orleans AND rent on an apartment in Houston. I couldn't even afford the minimums.

I climbed out of that deep financial hole with a system I created for myself.

And no, I don't have a finance degree. I created this system to quickly reduce debt and take the work (AND worry) out of managing my money. Since then, I still use the same system even though I make a bigger salary and have zero debt. 

This system STILL helps me meet my financial goals and takes virtually no work at all!

Over the years, friends and colleagues have asked me about the system, and now I'm excited to share it with you, too! I hope it gives you the sense of financial freedom it has given me!

You may have seen me in:

homeschool ceo
Grace for Single Parenting
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How much time will it take me?

This course is self-paced, meaning you go at your own speed. 

And you'll find that some lessons require a little more homework than others, based on your situation. I'll be there every month going live in our Facebook group answering all your questions so you can fully implement my system. 

Once you put in the work, though, you're set! You can put your whole financial system on autopilot and never have to think about all those details again. 

You have access to the course for 12 months, so you have plenty of time to implement ALL the amazing lessons in this course and get your whole money management system automated. 

There's no better time to take charge!

If you’re frustrated now, imagine where you’ll be in six months. 

All that work you're doing NOW to manage your money is not working. It's not because you're too dumb or you don't have the willpower to make it happen. It's because you're using the wrong kind of plan. 

With the right plan, you put in the work upfront and make solid financial decisions ONE TIME. Then you automate it so you're virtually guaranteed to succeed. 

And it isn't so difficult that only finance guys can manage it. YOU, in your KITCHEN, with your LAPTOP already have the smarts and the attitude to take charge of your finances and start reversing the damage done by years of neglect.

Now's the time to start! 

Here's the secret: 

You're ALREADY working too hard to manage your money. 

It doesn't have to be a struggle.

FIRST: You need to find the right plan for YOU. 

one that keeps you from overspending

one that accounts for where all your money is going

and one that doesn't require constant monitoring

THEN: you put that plan on autopilot so your bills are paid automatically and you save more. 

You can DO THIS, even if you think you're "bad with money"

I don't make enough money to have a ton leftover.

I created this system making less than $30k, and I still use it today making an executive-level salary.  

No matter what your financial situation, you still have to juggle bills, debt, and unexpected emergencies. Planning for those is harder when you have less money to work with, but you can still plan. In fact, when I made less money I had entirely no wiggle room and using this budget helped me survive those years when money was so tight. 

Even if you only have $100 extra dollars a month, this plan will help you use that $100 for your goals rather than have it disappear into the void.   

I'm terrible with Excel spreadsheets!

Don’t worry! I’ve done all the hard work with formulas and layout for you. Every place you’ll enter a value is really clear (like, there are literal STARS where you should enter your info).

The pages are also color-coded so you don’t get lost. For example, the pages in the workbook where you’ll detail your weekly spending needs is light green, and so is the spreadsheet that you’ll enter that same data into. I’ve even included filled out sheets so you can see what they should look like when you’re done.

AND of course if you get stuck, you can always email me. I’m really responsive!

I don't have the time to take on one more thing.

Part of the reason you're overwhelmed is you're not getting the benefit of time-saving systems..

You'll have to be willing to put the time in to create your plan, but if you're willing to do the work, it's going to change your relationship to money.

I also believe that learning to make a workable budget and a strategy for managing money is a skill for life. This isn't something we are typically taught, so it might be time to come to terms with your reality and spend the time and energy to set yourself up for lifelong success. 


Regular Price: 

$120 x 4

Your Price: 

$95 x 4


6 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Money Workbook

BONUS: Bossy House Spreadsheets

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A



Regular Price: 


Your Price: 



SAVE $53 by paying in full!

6 Module Digital Course

Be the Boss of Your Money Workbook

BONUS: Bossy House Spreadsheets

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

BONUS: Monthly Live Q&A

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Bundle of Ebooks and Templates


When you get to the checkout page, pick the option that's best for you and enter your credit card or PayPal info.

After you make your payment, you'll be directed to a confirmation page. PLUS check your email for the welcome emails.

Your emails will give you the links to take you right to the course and your unique password to get access!

"This system got me organized, even though I knew nothing about money!"


The Bossy House Guarantee

I think you're going to LOVE this system and the freedom it gives you to work LESS on managing your money so you can meet your financial goals with ease. 

But if after spending two weeks you feel like it's not for you, I get it. I don't want you to invest in something that you can tell isn't going to work. If you aren't totally confident in Be the Boss of Your Money, simply reach out to me at [email protected] within 14 days of purchasing the course and show that you've put in the work to make the system work for you. We will refund the total cost of the course.

"I'm so excited about the new year and the financial plan Julie helped me put in place!"


If you have any questions about Be the Boss of Your Money, REACH OUT!