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Why You Should Get a Plant

why you need a plant

Maybe it’s a holdover from a childhood spent outdoors, a college job at a garden center, or the Girl Scout merit badge I got for growing flowers from seeds, but I love being surrounded by plants. I aim to have at least one plant in every room in the house, and I believe there are real benefits to it. If you’re not a plant person, meaning you think they look great but don’t have experience taking care of them, look no further! Here are some great reasons to get a plant and some tips for keeping them alive and well.


Easy Weekly Meal Prep with Snapware

Do you struggle packing daily lunches or cooking family meals and need a system for weekly meal prep? Do you have about a hundred different plastic containers, all different sizes and mis-matched lids, taking over your cabinets? Now that I pack 10 lunches a week, 5 for me and 5 for the Girl, I was on the hunt for a new container. My requirements: interchangeable lids, options for small sections inside the container, and easily stackable containers…


5 Ways Every Mom Can Put Herself at the Center

As a single mom, I spent years working myself into the ground. Between a full time job and being the only one at home, I was pulled to give every last scrap of energy I had to my daughter. I came home at 5pm and made those three hours together every night full of laughter […]


Your Book Isn’t Feminist Enough for My Toddler

I love a good feminist children’s book. But how about we just write stories about amazing girls who do amazing things and stop telling my 4 year old about a world where “girls have it hard.” In other words, it’s hard out here to find a book that’s feminist enough for the world my toddler girl lives in. Here I am trying to create the world the way it SHOULD be for her, and your well-meaning book comes along and makes me have to answer…


How These Book-Lovers Quit Buying Books

living room with bookshelves

As a former girl who could read all afternoon, a former English teacher, and lover of physical books, the kind made of paper and cloth that you hold in your hand, I have bought and boxed and moved and arranged the same set of books for two decades.


The 90-Minute Breakfast

campground table with art supplies and breakfast

My typical breakfast needs to take place in 3 minutes.

Pour coffee into thermos. Add cream. Peel hard boiled egg. Go.

But not in the summer. In the summer, I don’t have to leave the house by 6:50am. In the summer, we linger over breakfast, sometimes for hours. Summer breakfast takes at least 45 and most likely 90 minutes. It involves pour after pour of coffee refills for mom while The Girl peels multiple eggs or digs into yogurt. It’s leisurely and lazy. And it is heaven to a mom who usually has to DO more before 7am than she would like to do.


Mythological Creatures

A batman unicorn in Crocs? That’s my girl. This unicorn and I live in New Orleans where we make art, grow food, and work to make the world a better place. Here, I write about all the joys and challenges of creating a life with yourself at the center, all while single parenting, organizing the […]

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