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The Hidden Costs of Disorganization

financial planning

There are significant hidden costs to financial disorganization, and those include lost time, money, and energy. Find out if you are in need of setting up some systems and get some ideas for taking charge!


Talk to Your Kids About Racism

mom and daughter talk

Talking about diversity and exposing kids to a variety of cultures? Good, but not enough. Now’s the time to talk to our kids about racism. Feeling unsure? Get my 13 resources to help you feel ready.


Why you should take charge of your money NOW

Take charge of your finances now

It’s time to take charge of your money management. Get a big-picture system in place so you avoid those negative consequences and meet your financial goals.


Why This is So Hard Right Now

overwhelmed mom

Life is so hard right now for some of us at home with our families. If you watch other moms love this time at home and wonder what YOU can do to reduce the stress you’re under and enjoy the good stuff with your family, check this out!


Financial Planning Tools–Get the Right Ones!

financial planning tools

In this Facebook live, I walk you through the best financial planning tools for you to take charge of your finances! It’s nothing fancy, you’ve just got to get the right system!


Take our Family Command Center Tour

family command center in home

Take a tour of our family command center where all the action happens in our house. From systems that keep us organized to a place to put everything, our command center has it all!


If You Think you are Bad With Money…

financial planning

Think you’re bad with money? Think again. You just need the right mindset and the right plan for you. Visit for more ideas for taking charge of your finances.


Set Up a Homeschool Workspace

set up your homeschool workspace

Get these tips for setting up your homeschool workspace so your kids have a place for their independent work.