Not ready for the full course but you ARE ready to set up your personalized budget plan?  


Does your paycheck SAY you should be able to live well and plan for the future but you just can't seem to make it happen?


meet your goals for building your savings and repaying debt, effortlessly!

pay all your bills  AND plan for annual bills and unexpected emergencies 

get free from worry and regret, and still go out to dinner every once in a while!

Even if you've tried financial planning before, THIS SYSTEM is different

  • 1
    Color Coded and Auto-populating: 5 linked spreadsheets do the math for you and make sure you're building a plan that works. AND that you can afford. 
  • 2
    3 tutorial videos to set your budget up, and 4 bonus videos to help you shift your money mindset! 
  • 3
    3 hours to done: The 15-page workbook walks you through every decision you'll need to make and  exactly what to do. In three hours, you'll have a plan.

You are not irresponsible.
You're not just bad with money.

You need a good system.

Julie Lause

Hi I'm Julie! I'm a mom and school principal, and I'm ready to teach you how to be the boss of your budget.

I've spent my 25-year career putting systems in place to manage a building full of kids and adults, and motivate those folks to get the most out of every day. 

AND as a mom, I'm right there with you trying to retain my sanity enough to get to and from work AND enjoy the evenings with my family.  

Boss Your Budget is my basic system for creating your very own personal money management system. I created these spreadsheets for myself when times were rough. And I still use them today!

I believe ANYONE can put systems in place and go from "hot mess mom" to the BOSS in just a few weeks. 

I can't wait to hear about your success! I'm cheering you on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend my hard-earned money on THIS system?

I don't make a lot of money. Will this system work?

I've seen spreadsheets before. How are these different?

What if I'm bad with Excel?

Is this kind of budget healthy?

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