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Why Mental Stress in Motherhood Matters

Why mental stress in motherhood matters

Today we’re talking about why mental stress in motherhood matters. Moms are stressed out now more than ever. A global pandemic has made it very clear that when society fails, we turn to mothers as the stopgap. But moms were stressed long before the pandemic.


Talk to Your Kids About Racism

mom and daughter talk

Talking about diversity and exposing kids to a variety of cultures? Good, but not enough. Now’s the time to talk to our kids about racism. Feeling unsure? Get my 13 resources to help you feel ready.


Set Up a Homeschool Workspace

set up your homeschool workspace

Get these tips for setting up your homeschool workspace so your kids have a place for their independent work.


You Can’t Replicate School at Home

homeschooling girl

Homeschooling for the first time? Don’t try to replicate school. Here’s what to focus on! Visit for more ideas for in-charge moms like you! #homeschool #stayhome


Saving Mental Energy with Routines

mom setting up routines

Parenting is hard. Save your brain with systems that help create peace, simplify life, and increase enjoyment around the house. Saving mental energy can change your relationship with your family.


Improve Concentration and Focus in Your Child

child concentrating

If your child can’t focus on a task for their age times 3 minutes, working to improve concentration is going to be on your mind.  Getting your young child ready for school needs to include more skills than are on those handy checklists. Don’t get me wrong: I love a checklist and you can check out […]


Embrace Communal School Supplies with These 7 Tips

school supplies

Whether you support communal school supplies or are hate-reading this post, welcome. I’m here to provide some much-needed rationale for community supplies so you have all the information you need to create an angry comment just for me. AND to embrace the practice at your kids’ school.


Montessori Home Set Up

shelve for montessori child

You can bring this wonderful Montessori concept home and implement it in your house with a Montessori home set up that uses a rotating series of activiites to make work and play meaningful for your kids. To find out how, read on!

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