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5 Things No One Tells You Going Back to Work After Baby

Working mom with baby

Working moms have two jobs, especially in the early years when feeding and sleep schedules are not yet established. There are days when it will feel like you have already been through the wringer before 8 am when the rest of the world is just starting their day.


Four Mistakes Moms Make at Work

mom in work meeting

If you’re valuable to your job and your boss wants you to continue to work there, it does you no good to sacrifice without letting anyone know. They can’t read your mind, they can’t guess your hardship, and for sure they can’t give you the props you deserve for keeping it all together, superwoman.


Sunday Routine to Take Charge of Your Week

weekly planner

I typically need an entire weekend to rest, relax, and restore from the prior week as well as plan for the week ahead. All that puts a lot of pressure on the poor weekend when it should be full of fun and rest.

My solution? A Sunday routine in three parts that has my meals planned and cooked, my bags all packed up, and my head in the game for Monday morning. 


22 Gifts for the Feminist Mom Smashing the Patriarchy between Carpool and Bedtime

mom with daughter

Every mom is a world-changer. These gifts recognize your feminist mom for the bad-ass activist and world-changer she is—whether she’s working at home wrangling the kids, marching in the streets for justice, or crushing it at the office.