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Command Center

Printable Template Pack

Print and place inside 8x10 frames for write-on-wipe-off calendars, checklists, and more!


home organization center

Setting up your command center and

don't know where to start??

Take your Command Center to the next level with my printable Template Pack! 

I've done the work for you! 

Choose your templates, print, and place in 8x10 frames for ready-made write on/wipe off calendars, to-do lists, and more!

With my printable template pack, you'll:

• Set up your command center in minutes

• Customize your templates for your family's needs

• Create a space that organizes your home and gives you joy

my template pack includes:

• Weekly calendar: 7 colors in both wide and narrow styles

Monthly calendar: rainbow/grey, Sun/Mon start options

• To-do list templates: 7 styles for any kind of family plan

• Menu board

• Afternoon checklist (for coming-home routines)

• Habit tracker

• 30 backgrounds for write on/wipe off board

• 3 sheets of blank labels

• Filled-in labels for common Command Center items

Julie Lause

Hi I'm Julie! As a school principal...

I've spent my 25-year career putting systems in place to manage a building full of kids and adults, and motivate those folks to get the most out of every day. 

AND as a mom, I'm right there with you trying to retain my sanity enough to get to and from work AND enjoy the evenings with my family.  

It's a lot for anyone. And it doesn't help when our systems are out of whack.

So many folks have taken my Command Center workshop and asked about the templates I use at home. I decided to make my Command Center Printable Template Pack available for purchase at a special price to help you get started!   

“I’ve just this afternoon reorganized our whole learning and play environment with your helpful resources. I was like a crazy lady but I got through it!”



What does the template pack include?

The template pack is a digital download that you can print at home. It includes 70 pages of weekly and monthly calendars, to-do list and planner templates, menu charts, habit trackers, afternoon checklists, and labels. 

I've included blank labels in both white and blackboard. (For those, you'll use a white pen). You can print as many copies as you need, fill out your labels, and cut them out. I've also added two pages of commonly used labels for command centers in case you'd like the font to match my templates. 

Also included: 30 different designs that can be popped into a frame and used as an interesting background for a write-on/wipe-off board. Why use a white board when yours can be floral, graphic patterns, or rainbows?

What technology do i need to use these templates?

If you have a color printer at home, you're all set!

After purchase, you'll find the templates delivered in an email right away. You can download and print in minutes. 

How do people Commonly use these templates?

It's as easy as placing your templates of choice in an 8x10 frame. 

Most families I work with have a weekly and monthly calendar view in their command center as well as a family template for to-do lists, a menu board, and a white board design. I've included an afternoon checklist in case you'd like to use it to remind and motivate yourself or your kiddos to take care of afterschool tasks. 

The whole point of your command center is that it's customized just for your family. Feel free to be creative!





Get started today with my templates!