Be the Boss of Your Money

7 Modules 0 Chapters 35 Lessons

About this course

Take charge of your finances with this complete guide to setting up your personal money management system.

From mastering your money mindset to figuring out your TRUE cost of living, to deciding just how fast you’ll meet your goals and then putting your financial plan on autopilot, you are about to set yourself up for long-term financial success! 

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Course Structure

7 Lessons

Module 1: Boss Foundations

In this module, you will identify your negative money mindsets that could be holding you back, learn all about The Bossy House System for managing your money, and set your financial goals. 

Like in every module, there are quick wins to be had along the way. This isn't a course about saving money, but there are  rewards to having your money stuff together!

5 Lessons

Module 2: Be the Boss of Your Budget

Being the Boss means knowing everything about your finances. This module will help you list and calendar your bills, set your true monthly spending, as well as put all that information into your spreadsheets. PLUS we're gonna talk about the VALUE of money. Hold on tight!

5 Lessons

Module 4: Make Your Plan

Now's the time to put all your hard work to WORK for you! You will create your plan, including how much you'll spend in every category and how much you'll send to savings and debt. 

6 Lessons

Module 5: Automate Your Finances

In this module, you'll open your 5 bank accounts, set up all of your account transfers, and create a housekeeping sheet that will keep you on track every single month. 

4 Lessons

Module 6: Enjoy the Ride

It's time to enjoy the ride! You'll set up your systems so every month you are doing virtually NO WORK to manage your finances. I'll also walk you through making sure your first month goes off without a hitch!

2 Lessons

Resource LIbrary

Here's where you should go for ALL your resources-- tools, videos, and calculators! 

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