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Full Disclosure!

This blog is a place for me to write about the good things in life: awesome work that fills my soul, my perfect Girl, the ways we make a life together with a beautiful cadre of friends, family, and neighbors, and the terrific pleasure of organizing a life around your own self.

Some of the good things in life involve stuff. And, sometimes there’s stuff that I think makes our life so organized, efficient, or beautiful that I want to share it with everyone. I’m a part of the Amazon and Etsy affiliate programs, which means that, when I’m writing a blog post that happens to mention products that Amazon or Etsy sells, I seek out their affiliate links. If you click on it and eventually buy it, I receive a small portion of the sale. You don’t pay more, and the few cents passed on to me helps me keep this passion project going.

I haven’t yet had anyone approach me to insert products on my blog or sponsor posts. I’m a little too incognito for that. But if it happens, the truth of this thing remains: I only write about stuff that I think really makes a difference in creating a life that empowers moms, increases parenting peace, or brings joy. And, if it happens I’ll adjust this disclosure page so you know.