26 Make-at-Home Academic Activities

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Keep kids engaged independently with Montessori-inspired activities you make with what you've got around the house!

Your guide to create your own academic activities:
  • Keep Learning Going: ‚ÄčWithout becoming a full time teacher, design an academic program. Each activity is designed to be engaging and worked on independently. 
  • Don't buy anything! You can totally create an entire academic program from just things you have around the house.

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Julie Lause | The Bossy House

About the Author: Julie Lause

Both a school principal and a mom, Julie offers parents an opportunity to bring Montessori principles into their home in manageable ways. After bedtime, Julie blogs at The Bossy House where she creates tools for women to take charge of parenting, work, homeschooling, and the finances. 

homeschool resources

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Get the ebook now for $7! 

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