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Financial Planning Tools–Get the Right Ones!



Getting the right financial planning tools is key. 

I'm not talking heavy duty technical tools, but THE RIGHT financial planning tools that will help you make great money decisions and set up your budget.

Those don't have to be fancy.  

My financial planning system is my most effective tool. I set up the plan ONE TIME, automate it, then I'm done. Every few months I do some tweaking around the edges and I re-set the plan when my finances change, but "set it and forget it" is the way I roll. 

If you're someone who needs a system but DOES NOT want to keep your eyes on a budget and your bank account every month, this tool could be for you. 

Do you have big financial goals like paying down debt or saving for retirement? This plan helps you effortlessly build up your savings or pay down your debt.  

If you need structure to create a plan but don't want to penny pinch-- this tool might work for you!

In this video below, I show you some of my tools and how the system works for me. Stay to the end to find out my favorite kind of pens-- maybe you're a pen freak too. 

Get the tools for financial planning here!

In the video I talk about The Bossy House Budget System. You can get it, or the free templates and get started right now! 

I use this same system now just like I used it 15 years ago to dig myself out of a deep financial hole.  

I can show you what I know and help you set yourself up for to be free of financial worry! 

The right financial planning tools are the key to it all! Get yours NOW so you're set up for success from the start. 

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Boss Your Budget Facebook Group

Another key to financial planning is community.

If you are ready to go on this journey and you'd like some company, find us on facebook! We are setting goals, making plans, and cheering each other on!

Get this set of financial planning templates to get started on your budget journey!

The Bossy House Financial Planning Templates