Free Girls Urban Farm - The Bossy House

Free Girls Urban Farm

Over at The Bossy House we also run a little farm in the backyard where we grow food and raise chickens. The farm is an endless source of projects, and most weekends we’re out there tinkering with the automatic chicken waterer, adjusting the rain barrels, or rigging up a zip line for the dolls.

The best thing about our farm is our hilarious chickens. They keep us entertained and, of course, keep us flush with eggs all year round. Six chickens equals about six eggs a day!

We also manage a lot of water back there.

Six rain barrels power the chicken waterer, prevent drainage from flooding our yard, water the garden with a flick of a switch from the back deck, and make The Girl’s endless adventures in water play less guilt-inducing. Oh, and there’s also a hot tub for soaking after a long day working in the garden. Our version of heaven. 

The joy of the farm is the freedom we have to roam around, the peace we get from a lie in the hammock, and the thrill of making problems into solutions.