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Why This is So Hard Right Now

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If you're wondering why things are so hard right now for you, why some moms are over there building a side gig and talking about how they want to homeschool their kids FOREVER...

But you are not feeling it. 

Why are some of us struggling so much more than others with the day to day life of staying at home with our family? 

The answer: mental stress. 

If you're showing signs of mental stress, I'm here to help. 

Here at The Bossy House, I build digital products for women who want to take charge of areas in their life that cause mental stress and have more mental space for the good stuff in life. 

If you feel like you are drowning in stress, that you've given up on connection with your kids because that connection brings MORE stress...

or if you want to find a new job or take on a big project but lack the emotional attention to handle anything new...

I've got support for you!

Things are so hard right now because you're feeling mental stress that's not your fault, not about how great of a parent you are, and it's not permanent. 

I can help you reduce some of that stress. 

Check out this facebook live video about all the ways you can start thinking about reducing stress for yourself so you can get back to he good stuff. 

Just a few steps and you could be reducing the mental stress in your life. 

Reduce the stress in your environment

One major source of our stress is our environment. Meaning our home, our space, and our STUFF. 

Right now things are so hard because we are spending all of our time in a space that MIGHT just be causing us stress. 

If you're longing for some organization, try out my free mini-course on re-organizing your home from the ground up.

Giving every room its own purpose and making sure all your stuff has a place to live.. that reduces all that mental energy you spend looking for stuff and wading through piles of your stuff!

Take the Stress out of Money Management

One MAJOR way we can reduce stress is put something on autopilot.

Big systems like money management stress all of us out. 

In my course Be the Boss of Your Money, I walk you through all the steps to set up your money management systems, and then... 

we put it on autopilot. 

If you're interested in taking the monthly work out of managing your money, this course is for you!

You're smart: you can take a course and follow the steps and set up your system. And then you can make it automatic so all those decisions you just made don't have to be made every month. 

Set it and forget it, and lose the financial stress.

The Day-to-Day is So Hard Right Now

The best way to get a handle on the day to day stresses of parenting is to set some boundaries for yourself and your family. 

With a little bit of work you can set things up so your kids are working independently for part of their day so YOU can work!

Get my kids-at-home toolkit with Montessori Basics for At-Home Engagement. 

It's a kick-ass digital course that walks you through setting up systems and routines for the home, helping you keep kids engaged all through the summer. And it helps you set boundaries for yourself to save your mental energy. 

Moms, you deserve to thrive this summer too. Check out some of my tools for reducing the mental stress you're under and make some room for YOU. 

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