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What to do when you hate budgeting

what to do when you hate budgeting


Do you hate budgeting? I am right there with you, friend. 

But here's a little secret...

Why You Hate Budgeting

You hate budgeting for one of three reasons. 

1. It's depressing to think about money

2. Making a budget is boring and takes a lot of time to manage every month

3. Making a line-item budget DOES NOT WORK to manage your money. 

Yep, it's true. A budget is just a PLAN. After you make that plan, the rest is up to you. YOU have to move your money around to pay debt, to pay bills, and to meet your goals. YOU have to remember your budget only allotted $400 for groceries this month and if you go over you have to move money from somewhere else. 

YOU have to do all the work of managing the finances. Which is the real struggle. 

So GO AHEAD and hate budgeting. 

And find a plan that actually works to help you manage your money. 

I have ideas about that. Hear all about them in this week's live training "I Hate Budgeting Workshop!"

Out of all the different plans to manage your money, I think The Bossy House system works best. At least, for me and a bunch of my friends out there. 🙂

In no time, you'll be ready for advanced-level financial planning that has you paying your bills, saving for the future, and getting free of financial worry. I know you can do it! 

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