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Holiday Gift Guide for Irreverent Parents

Gift Guide for Irreverent Parents


Here are all the links you need to shop for the irreverent parents in your life!

1. You Have to Fucking Eat 

The sequel to “Go the Fuck to Sleep,” this book perfectly reflects how we all feel when they absolutely just. won’t. eat.

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2. Don’t Fuck Up the Table Coasters

Don't Fuck up the Table CoastersThese cardboard coasters are pretty aggressive about protecting your table . From Raghaus Studios.

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3. Thanks but My Mom Doesn’t Want Your Advice Onesie

Thanks but No Thanks OnesieFrom Pink Lemonade Designs, this onesie tells all those busybodies that mama doesn’t need any advice.

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4. Scary Mommy Book

Jill Smokler of writes about the brutal, hilarious truth about motherhood.

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5. Mama Needs a Mother-Fucking Nap Coloring Book

This coloring book is a terrific break for any mom. Color along with the kids in your own damn book.

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6. Irreverent Cross Stitch Patterns

Irreverent Cross StitchFrom The Twilight Sewn, find any number of cheeky cross stitch patterns to sew up and frame.

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7. KinderPerfect Party Game

From the makers of Cards Against Humanity, this game is all about the mind-numbing, gross, thrilling life of parenting.

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8. Irreverent Bathroom Signs

Irreverent Bathroom SignsThese downloadable signs from Tara Reed Designs are perfect for printing and framing up in the bathroom where all the magic happens.

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