Kindergarten Readiness Handbook

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Kindergarten Readiness handbook

With 40 pages of common-sense wisdom from a mom and school principal, this handbook ROCKS!

Don't let anyone tell you Kindergarten is just like pre-k. IT'S NOT!

Even if your child will be at the same school setting, the expectations for Kindergarten are often much higher than those in a pre-k classroom. 

Here's what's different:

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    Student-teacher ratio: Your child is likely in a classroom of twenty or more children instead of a ratio of one to ten. That means that your child won't get quite as much personal attention as they did last year. They'll learn things like waiting their turn and sharing. 
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     In most states, there are academic standards that begin in Kindergarten which are aligned to standards all the way through high school. Academic work begins in a much more serious way. You'll need to get used to teachers' high academic expectations because they know the way the curriculum increases in rigor each year. 
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    Less play and no nap: As opposed to the three or four hours a day of imaginative and outdoor play of a pre-k classroom, most Kindergartens have half that time in the day for play. And no more nap! This affects all children differently.
This handbook helps you ease into the transition of Kindergarten by preparing you, your child's first teacher.  


encouragement for parents as their child's first teacher

practical ways to prepare your Kindergarten for a formal school setting

a focus on the process of learning in addition to the content needed 

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