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Lighten your load for yourself and your family

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Ever wonder how to lighten your load? Today we are talking all about mental stress and motherhood. 

We’ve established that moms experience stress and exhaustion. More than single women, more than married women without kids, and more than their male partners. 

And I'm sharing with you today a video all about WHY you should reduce your stress.  

There are VERY good reasons to lighten your load, get support, and reduce your stress. 

And if you're not motivated by PERSONAL reasons it's good for YOU as a mom, watch the video to find out why it's also critical for your family.

Why does this matter? 

In my work to support moms of all kinds, I know that their stress levels are not being addressed. 

I can't help your family need you less emotionally, and I can't help you negotiate with your partner for more equity, but I CAN help with systems. 

I believe that setting up systems at home can lighten your load and completely change things for your stress level.

Lighten your load with the Sunday Routine Planner

If you're working too much on the weekends, maybe batching some of those systems will help. Here's my planner for creating a weekend routine that saves time and energy. 

This can also help jump-start a family conversation about equity and workload at home. 

Sunday Routine Planner

It's the perfect way to get started putting some systems in place at home right now! I help you batch together all of your routines and chores, and you'll save tons of time! Use this to get started setting up routines at home for YOU!