Systems for Academic Engagement at Home

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In this workshop



The EXACT routines and structures I use to set up my kids for success at home

They're guaranteed to keep the learning going AND help you keep your sanity as a parent.


The secret to getting your child working independently during the day

so you can work (or rest, or WHATEVER)


A guide to creating an academic work area

Use things you have around the house to create engaging academic work for your child and keep the learning going. 


Practical strategies to manage your OWN time and energy

If you feel like a glorified maid, cook, and amazon delivery service, my ideas can help! 

Are you ready to take charge of your home and reign in the chaos? This fast-paced workshop is just right for you!

Yes even if you don't know what academic content to focus on right now

And yes even if you don't have any time to teach your kids the content from school every day

AND DEFINITELY YES if you need to set some boundaries for yourself to work

Because making a plan is critical for overcoming the stress of parenting in a pandemic.

Tackle the overwhelm by giving you and your family some predictable routines that take the pressure off of everyone-- especially YOU!

My templates + your stuff + 2 hours with me = Everything you need to set up your own low-key homeschool or summer camp!

  • Easy set-up templates for short and long-term planning
  • Structures to get your kids working independently
  • Examples of academic activities that don't require pricey supplies and you can make from things you have around the house!
  • Quick fixes for common frustrations like interruptions, bored kids, and lack of motivation.

A Note from Julie...

Trying to set up a home that looks LESS like a school but isn't full time screen time? You're in the right place!

As a mom I'm right there with you trying to make parenting work in a pandemic. As a school principal, I know how DIFFERENT parenting is than teaching. 

Let me help you create the low-key situation that works best for YOUR family.

If you're ready, I can't wait to meet you in the workshop! 

For $67 set up your home on YOUR terms!

mom and daughter homeschool

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