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Motivate Yourself to Tackle Your Finances this Year

motivate yourself to tackle your finances


It's the new year and you see all those folks meeting their goals left and right: What about you? How do YOU motivate yourself to take charge, especially when it's about your FINANCES?

Is the TOPIC of money that is tripping you up? Or perhaps you are in need of some strategies to inspire you to take action?

Either way, I got you! 

In this video, I go over the four money mindsets that might be contributing to you motivation problem. Money makes us feel crazy! And frustrated, dumb, sad, and depressed. That's a lot. 

 I COULD be that the mindset you have around money, whether it's inherited, learned, or because of circumstance, is holding you back. I have some good ideas for how to break through those mindsets on the video. 

In addition, you could be using the wrong strategies to motivate yourself. 

It turns out, we aren't all the same. What works for you might not work for your husband, your best friend, or your boss. 

Join me on this live training and find out how you can customize your own strategies for getting yourself motivated and ready to tackle your finances in 2020!

This 30 minutes could get you jump-started for great planning in the new year!

Get the workbook to follow along and motivate yourself! 

In the video, you can join us in following along with this four-page Motivate Yourself! workbook

Get it by clicking the link and use it to follow along with the video!  

motivate yourself

To clean up your finances you'll need to contest charges, cancel subscriptions, and move bills around. Use this template to keep you motivated and on track! 

In no time, you'll be ready for advanced-level financial planning that has you paying your bills, saving for the future, and getting free of financial worry. I know you can do it! 

Get this set of financial planning templates to get started on your budget journey!

The Bossy House Financial Planning Templates