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Could your life use a systems audit? 


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Unorganized at home? 

No idea where your money went?

Family tensions high?

Sounds like you could use a

new year systems retreat

this LIVE event is happening on

Saturday, January 8th • 12pm-3pm CST

After just three hours, you'll have major family issues solved with systems, your finances on the path to handled, and a fresh game plan for the new year.

you're ready for my

New Year Systems Retreat 

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You get entry to our LIVE 3-hour  planning retreat, my Home Systems Self-Assessment planning templates, a retreat workbook, AND coupon codes for any of my digital courses.

It's not just a retreat, it's a PARTY

Refresh your systems, set New Year's goals for your 

home and family AND have fun?  YES

  • Identify family stressors: With an eye towards getting to the ROOT of the problem, we'll look at your toughest family moments and set up systems to relieve the pressure. 
  • Audit your systems: We'll take a look at ALL the systems in your home including systems for managing the money, wrangling your stuff, handling transitions, storing all that paper, sharing the work, and communicating with your family! 
  • Set goals for your home and family: First we celebrate our wins from 2021 and then we set goals for 2022. 
  • Money management audit: Who wants to audit their bank account by themselves? NO ONE! We'll do a pass through your bank account to find out how you spend your money, as well as discover wasted spending and mystery charges. A complete account refresh for 2022!
  • Make a plan so YOU can thrive: What do YOU need to make 2022 amazing? We name it and plan for it. 

I absolutely love these ideas and this system.

I'm working through it all and setting up a plan that my family can get on board with!"


BEFORE the New Year's Systems Retreat

• Things have gotten a little out of control at your house, whether it's clutter, piles of stuff, or a disorganized home.

• You're not sure where all your money went this year? You THINK you should have enough money each month to afford your life, but you're coming up short.

• You're tired of the daily grind of managing a home. The repetitive tasks have you resenting the work and transition spots like the front door are chaos.

• You KNOW your family could support you more in the home but you don't know how to get them involved.

• Communication about the daily stuff of life has slipped, leaving you to handle it all yourself. Tired of being the cruise director?

AFTER the New Year's Systems Retreat 

• You've got a plan for eliminating clutter and a system for keeping it at bay.

• Your finances are cleaned up, you've eliminated unnecessary spending, and you know exactly where all your money is going each month. 

• You've got systems set up for managing transition spots, a command center for batching your daily tasks, and a plan to manage the repetitive tasks without using a ton of brain energy to manage your home.

• Incentive plan for involving the kids? Check. New hope for improved communication with your partner? CHECK.

•  You're actually excited to jump into the new year with all your systems refreshed!

"The Bossy House and your system has helped me to put my money where I want it to go. Before, I had no clue where my money was going. The Bossy House system is a total game-changer for my family."




LIVE New Year Systems Retreat


• LIVE 3-hour retreat

• Home Systems Self-Assessment templates

• Retreat Workbook

BONUS: $100 coupon off either of my digital courses



You missed out!

special BONUS

When you join today, you get the entire planning retreat experience PLUS a $100 off coupon code for either of my two digital courses.

Be the Boss of your home 
Be the boss of your money

Hi I'm Julie! 

I can't wait to meet you January 8th!

Julie at The Bossy House

As a school principal and single mom, I know how much systems matter for keeping everyone on track and thriving. I help moms set up systems at home to reduce mental stress. If you're stressing, this retreat is FOR YOU!

The WORK of managing a home is so intense. Without systems in place, it's nearly impossible to do it all without losing your mind. 

Systems help you do the work without using up mental energy AND they help you delegate some of those tasks to your family. 

If you're ready to refresh your systems at home, I can't wait to help you start 2022 with it all together!  Join me on January 8th at 12noon Central Time for a 3-hour LIVE retreat!

We're going deep into family systems, money management, and routines. And you'll leave the retreat with a fresh start for 2022. Can't wait!

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Got Questions? Send me an email or check out these FAQ here:

How does setting up systems at home help my family?

When things are a little out of control at home, it's a BIG CLUE that systems are out of whack. Systems like managing the paper, managing the money, getting the family involved, or how your command center works.

You might need to tighten up some of the systems you DO have working or add in new systems to help make things run smoothly at home.  

What happens when I sign up? What should I expect?

First, you'll be directed to a secure page where you can enter your credit card info. 

After that goes through, you'll see a confirmation page. 

And then you'll receive an email reminder as we get close to the event date, plus a replay after the retreat in case you miss it!

What if I miss the 3 hour LIVE planning party?

Don't worry! I'll send out the replay within a few hours and you can plan with us at your own pace. 

The live retreat has time for us to make our plans, set goals, share wins, and ask questions.

You'll still get ALL of that on the replay.

If you have any questions about the New Year Systems Retreat, REACH OUT!