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You Are Not Bad With Money

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I'm here to tell you: YOU ARE NOT BAD WITH MONEY. 

If you've ever had that feeling, I want you to take a deep breath and settle in. Because this is a lie. You're not bad with money. 

Is your financial life in chaos? Are you avoiding dealing with your money issue? Okay fine. 

But you are not bad with money. 

Being "good with money" comes down to two things; having the right mindset and having the right plan. 

Check out the video training below where I walk you through some of the mindset shifts you can make so you can start to take charge of your finances. 

AND I even give you a few ideas to jumpstart your personal planning so money isn't so much work all the time. There are concrete things you can do to take charge of your finances on your way to getting a good plan in place. 

In just one night you can take some concrete steps to clean up the mess that is your finances. 

Bad with money? Try these templates

In the video I talk about these financial planning templates.

One of your first steps is to calendar your bills. This set of templates includes a few calendar templates to help you get started!  

The Bossy House Financial Planning Templates

There is work involved, sure. But you are DONE feeling like you're bad with money. From here on out, you have to approach this work with confidence in yourself and your ability to learn a new way. 

In no time, you'll be ready for advanced-level financial planning that has you paying your bills, saving for the future, and getting free of financial worry. I know you can do it! 

Get this set of financial planning templates to get started on your budget journey!

The Bossy House Financial Planning Templates