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Set Up Your Command Center in an Afternoon

Set up Your Command Center in an Afternoon


What if I told you there was ONE SYSTEM in your home that could transform it?

That could reduce the WORK of parenting and leave you more time for the good stuff? 

Why You Need a Command Center

The WORK of parenting is soul-crushing. And it's relentless. 

To fix this, there's a system I think every family needs in their home to reduce the work and stress of parenting. 

That fantastic system is a Command Center.

A command center isn't just a a place to store your purse and keys. And it's not just a pretty Pottery Barn display of your calendar. 

A command center batches all of your household routines, serves as a communication hub, and builds family culture.

This slashes hours off your week and cuts your family stress in half. 

You need one, and I can show you how!

set up your command center

FREE Workshop: Set up Your Command Center in an Afternoon

In this new (free!) workshop, I'm walking you through all the steps you need to set up your command center, including customizing it for your own family.

In this workshop



How your command center can manage your systems for bills, homework, screen time, permission slips, meal prep., and so much more.

It's not just about the front of the house! Learn how to batch-process all your systems!


How to make your command center from materials you already have around the house, in just one afternoon!

Don't spend all that money at the Container Store. Let it be easy, free, and fun!


My tricks for getting the whole family involoved so you're not the ONLY one doing the work.

Give yourself a little break, mom!

set up your command center

Set up Your Command Center and Transform Your Family

If you're struggling to make sure everyone has what they need when you get out the door in the morning...

If you have piles of papers that need to be filed...

If the kids' schedules are murder to organize...

If you'd like a little more help from your partner and your kids to make all the stuff happen in your home...

This workshop is for you!

As a Mom and School Principal...

I've spent my 25-year career putting systems in place to help manage a building full of kids and adults, and how to motivate those folks to get the most out of every day. 

AND as a mom, I'm right there with you trying to retain my sanity enough to get to and from work AND enjoy the evenings with my family.  

It's a lot for anyone. And it doesn't help when our systems are out of whack. 

Julie Lause

Let me help you create your own customized command center to keep the chaos under control AND get your family involved too!

If you're ready, I can't wait to meet you in this FREE workshop! 

Command Center Workshop: What's inside?

In the workshop, you'll get: 

  • An action-packed training that will have you ready to tackle your command center right away.
  • TONS of examples of command centers for every purpose you can imagine.
  • Quick fixes for common frustrations like lost items, multiple calendars, and kids who won't put their backpack on the hook!

If you're wasting mental energy looking for lost stuff, rifling through bills, or nagging the kids to find their shoes...

Don't worry!

In this workshop, we're taking care of ALL that mess!