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Shift Your Money Mindset

Shift your Money Mindsets


Would you believe that the most powerful tool to take charge of your finances is your mind? If you can shift your money mindset, you can take charge of your finances and get on the path to financial freedom.

Your mindset affects your overall financial picture because it affects your behavior. It colors how you use the money your have and how you approach your financial planning. 

In this Facebook Live video, I identify the 4 kinds of negative money mindsets AND we’ll talk about how to get OUT of those mindsets. To shift your money mindset to a healthier one, you need to do a little soul-searching. 

Don't forget to get my free worksheet below. Download the free worksheet and use it while watching the video! 

In just 20 minutes you can identify your money mindset type and start to do the work to shift your money mindset. Are you an Avoider? A Quitter? A Careless Spender, or a Denier? I can help you figure it all out so you can choose more positive mindsets. 

Get the worksheet!

Watch the video and use this Shift Your Money Mindset worksheet to reflect and grow!

Getting started involves doing some reflecting. Don't worry! I walk you through it all. In my video I help you identify which of the four mindset types you are, and how you can shift that mindset toward a more positive outcome. 

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I am cheering you on as you get started on your financial journey!

With some work on your mindsets, in no time, you'll be free of old negative thoughts about money and ready to take charge!

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