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Our Favorite 11 Toys to Build Counting and Sorting Skills

girl playing with abacus

Counting and sorting skills are important building blocks for early math skills. These build an foundation for learning and skill building before pre-school. 

These toys reinforce these skills and invite your child to explore sorting into categories, recognizing and creating patterns, and one to one correspondence. These build the foundations for addition, subtraction, and a general number sense that carries her successfully into pre-school and Kindergarten.


Number Sense for Pre-K Math Confidence

Want to give your child a healthy dose of math confidence before Kindergarten? In preschool or at home, children should develop a sense of what numbers mean and how they work in order to be prepared to learn the more complex math that will be taught in Kindergarten. We are inspired by the Montessori method because it introduces work on number sense very early and incorporates physical objects to support your child’s…