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Can you afford your lifestyle?


Can you afford your lifestyle? Here are some quick and easy ways to find out! And if you are living beyond your means, I have some sensible solutions to get yourself living with financial integrity.


Simple Steps to Setting Financial Goals

set financial goals

Whether you have money left over every month or you’re just scraping by, all of us need to set financial goals. These simple steps will help you make some choices so you can create a livable budget and a plan for meeting big goals your family has for your financial future.


Automating Your Finances for Financial Freedom

woman working on her finances

You should be automating your finances because thinking about money every month is annoying, stressful, and unnecessary. Instead, put a bunch of effort into setting up a financial plan and automating it, and you’ll end the stress AND meet your goals effortlessly. Along the way, you’ll answer key questions like: Where is all my money going? Can I afford my lifestyle? What goals should I have?


Avoid Budget Pitfalls with Easy Scheduling Techniques

Avoid Budget Pitfalls with these Easy Scheduling Techniques |The Bossy House

You’re not irresponsible. You’re not lousy with money. You just need a plan. Use smart scheduling techniques to avoid common budget pitfalls like overdraft charges and late fees, and make a plan that deals with those big bills that derail your budget every month.