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Create Your Own Montessori Activities at Home

girl doing puzzle

It doesn’t have to be rocket science to create your own Montessori activities. If you’ve thought about how to bring some of the best of the Montessori philosophy into your home, you might be ready for the next level of activity creation.


Declutter Your Toys with the Montessori Method

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If your toys are strewn everywhere, chances are your child isn’t really getting the maximum use out of them. If you want to get a handle on the toy mess, take a few tips from the Montessori philosophy that will help you get organized AND (bonus!) make playtime much more fun for your kids.


4 Key Tips for Creating Montessori at Home

Montessori at Home

What makes something Montessori, and how can you implement Montessori at home? Below, I give you my favorite concrete ways to bring a Montessori-inspired set up to your home. 


Montessori Home Set Up

shelve for montessori child

You can bring this wonderful Montessori concept home and implement it in your house with a Montessori home set up that uses a rotating series of activiites to make work and play meaningful for your kids. To find out how, read on!


Montessori Basics for Every Family

Montessori Basics for every family

If you’re interested in learning Montessori basics for implementing some of the most important principles of Montessori education in your home, it really boils down to a set of beliefs about WHAT education should be and HOW it should be done. As a Montessori school principal (and mom!) I outline my favorite Montessori basics that will help you understand the core teachings.


Number Sense for Pre-K Math Confidence

Want to give your child a healthy dose of math confidence before Kindergarten? In preschool or at home, children should develop a sense of what numbers mean and how they work in order to be prepared to learn the more complex math that will be taught in Kindergarten. We are inspired by the Montessori method because it introduces work on number sense very early and incorporates physical objects to support your child’s…