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Starting kindergarten at mom’s school

mom and daughter first day of school

For the first time in almost six years, I left the house for work at 7am WITH my daughter. PROUD MOM MOMENT: she’s starting kindergarten at my own school!


Culture of Consent Part 4: Honor Her Mind

Confident Girl

A big part of consent culture is having the dignity and self-confidence to say what we think. We want to raise our girls to know that they are just fine the way they are and are empowered to follow their own mind and their own instincts. That requires them to have self-confidence.


Number Sense for Pre-K Math Confidence

Want to give your child a healthy dose of math confidence before Kindergarten? In preschool or at home, children should develop a sense of what numbers mean and how they work in order to be prepared to learn the more complex math that will be taught in Kindergarten. We are inspired by the Montessori method because it introduces work on number sense very early and incorporates physical objects to support your child’s…