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How to work LESS to manage your money

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Today, I want to talk to you about how to WORK LESS to manage your money. 

I get it, money management takes a good amount of time and attention. But it doesn't have to. 

And I'll be that all that work you are doing right now isn't actually working to alleviate any of the worry that you experience every month. 

The thing I want to say is that thinking about your finances like a SYSTEM is the key to doing less work.

When you’re thinking about it like a system: 

-bills aren’t surprises-you are saving for unexpected expenses

-you know EXACTLY how much money you need to live on so…

-you are meeting your goals because you are sending “leftover” money in advance to your debt or savings. 

In short, you’re the boss.

Once you’re the boss and you know all the components of your financial system, you can automate it. 

Check out the video below where I not only share my system for automating your finances, but I give you a sneak peek into my new digital course with a lesson on figuring out your cash spending. 

This preview of the course isn't to be missed!

If you're watching on a mobile phone, use this link to watch the video!

Work less to manage your money

In the video I use a version of this Audit Your Account template to organize my audit process. 

You can use this sheet to list all of your expenses for the month, and then you get started with examining your spending and making your plan.  

templates to audit your bank account

Good luck with all the financial planning you're doing, especially as you work less to manage your money. It doesn't take all that work, and it SURE doesn't take all that worry. 

Get this set of financial planning templates to get started on your budget journey!