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You Can’t Replicate School at Home

Why you can’t replicate school at home and what to do instead


Working from home and trying to homeschool the kids? If you are trying to replicate school for your kids, just know: YOU CAN'T.

It's not that you can't TRY, but you should not expect it to be the same. 

For example: at school, your children expect directions and (for the most part) give their teachers a certain level of authority. At home? Not so much. 

At school, your child is used to waiting their turn for the teacher to get to their question. Not at home. 

If you're trying to keep learning going and also keep your sanity, this video might help you out! 

So give yourself a break, mom. You can't replicate school, and you shouldn't pressure yourself to make home exactly like the school environment. 

For a little encouragement (and some quick ideas for getting started) I offer what I believe are the most important things to focus on right now at home. 

That means giving yourself a break from minute-by-minute schedules, teaching art, music, dance, and PE, and meeting your child's needs for standards-based, high-quality lessons while at home on quarantine. 

As a school principal and single mom of a 6 year old, I'd like to offer the perspective that you don't have to do it all.

If I can't replicate school, what CAN I do?

You CAN make a schedule. Get my template for making your own loose schedule so, while you're not trying to replicate school, you are creating some structures at home that you all can live with. 

The trick? The schedule starts with what YOU NEED, mom. 

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Use these templates to set up your low-key homeschool schedule and get back to supporting your family to thrive and enjoy this time together. 

Interested in LOW-KEY Homeschooling?

Low-Key Homeschool Planning Sheets

Get this Relaxed Schedule and Checklist to get started setting up your home for school closures yet retain your sanity as a family!