Systems for Academic Engagement at Home

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About this course

Cultivate academic engagement at home and get your kids working independently for a portion of each day– this course will show you how!

This course is created from the recording of a live, 2 hour workshop. Good news for you: you get access to the super-thoughtful Q&A with brilliant parents just like you!

To set up this in your home, there are three steps we’re going to take:

  1. Set your boundaries (what’s mentally and physically possible)
  2. Decide what you want for your family
  3. Set up your plan.
  4. Set up independent work time at home! 

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Course Structure


Prepare for the Workshop

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Academic Engagement and Your Child

Find out how to cultivate academic engagement at home, and how to instill a love of learning and passion in your kids--with or without school. 


Step 1: Set Your Boundaries

To make our plan, we start with our boundaries and the things that we HAVE to do to make working and schooling from home work.


Step 2: Decide Your Priorities

This is the time for your to decide what your priorities are for the next 8 weeks at home. Not only will we discuss academic work, but we'll cover what other needs we have as a family. 


Step 3: Make Your Plan

We'll do some long-term planning here, using templates for monthly, weekly, and daily schedules. Carve out time in your day/week for the things that really matter to you. 


Step 4: Set up Independent Work

Learn how to set up a Montessori-inspired area for academic work in your home, including ideas and examples of activities for all ages!


Step 4 Part 2: Logistics for the Work Block

Now that you know what goes in the academic area and how to make academic works, here are your keys to making it all work! Get my systems and templates for managing the work block in your home. 



I answer questions from parents about making this work in their family.


Resources You’ll Want!

Get all the resources I mentioned in the workshop here!