Command Center Intensive

My step-by-step process to customize your very own family command center! If you took my free workshop and that left you curious and wanting more: this is for you! The intensive includes a workbook and my 100-page template pack designed to get your started with your command center right away.

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New You Systems Workshop

Want a total home systems refresh? This is the workshop for you! We're auditing your systems at home and making a plan to completely revamp the way your home works. In this workshop, we're solving problems and setting goals.

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Jumpstart Coaching

Jumpstart your finances with a 30 minute coaching session with me . Use this session before you START the course to save time and energy getting your systems set up. Or you can use it during a difficult aspect of the course or once your systems are set up for a once-over. It's up to you!

Home Systems Self-Assessment

The Home Systems Self-Assessment takes you through every possible system you could create in your home and has you assess where you are. 

Got broken systems or systems only YOU know how to make work? This self-assessment is designed to be taken BEFORE you start the course, Be the Boss of Your Home .

It’ll help you prioritize so you know which systems you want to refresh, which ones are critical to create for YOU based on YOUR needs as a mom, and which systems are worth delegating to other family members.  

This awesome tool is 5 pages, and includes a video of my recommendations for you based on your answers to the assessment questions. 

To learn more about the assessment, go here

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Boss Your Budget

This mini-course includes: 

-The Bossy House System Spreadsheets that form the foundation of your financial plan.

-Your 15 page workbook to walk you through setting up your budget

-Three video tutorials (and four bonus videos) that help you set up your spreadsheets

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Be the Boss of Your Home

School-principal strategies to get your house in order, keep the kids on track, and grab back all the time and mental energy you need to be the boss of your home.  

If you haven't purchased the course and you'd like to find out more, go here .

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Systems for Academic Engagement at Home

Cultivate academic engagement at home and get your kids working independently for a portion of each day-- this course will show you how!

This course is created from the recording of a live, 2 hour workshop. Good news for you: you get access to the super-thoughtful Q&A with brilliant parents just like you!

To set up this in your home, there are three steps we’re going to take:

  1. Set your boundaries (what’s mentally and physically possible)
  2. Decide what you want for your family
  3. Set up your plan.
  4. Set up independent work time at home! 

Hit the button below and get started right now!

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Be the Boss of Your Money

Take charge of your finances with this complete guide to setting up your personal money management system.

From mastering your money mindset to figuring out your TRUE cost of living, to deciding just how fast you'll meet your goals and then putting your financial plan on autopilot, you are about to set yourself up for long-term financial success! 

If you haven't purchased the course and you'd like to find out more, go here

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