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Ways to Work with Me

• Workshops for teams

• Individual executive coaching

• Resource group talks and mini-workshops

• Group coaching program

• Self-paced digital courses for your people

Coaching Options

15 minute Discovery Call
  • Not sure if we should work together? Don't worry! There's a perfect way to find out. 
  • Set up a free 15 minute discovery call and we'll see if our styles match.
  • In our discovery call, I'll share all the different ways we could work together to meet your goals. 
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15 minute call

How it Works
  • Coaching can make the difference between staying stuck and making progress. I would LOVE to see if I can help you meet your goals and enjoy work and home MORE!
  • I've helped clients achieve more at work and handle more at home-- with less wasted energy and time.
  • I'm particularly passionate about supporting executive-level women to be more successful in their roles at home and work.

Workshop Options

Workshops for Organizations

I offer workshops for organizations, and can tailor any of these topics to your group's need. Have a resource group interested in supporting work-life integration issues for families? I'm happy to support your group with a lunchtime workshop or talk. 

To see if any of my workshops might work for your group, email me at [email protected] or schedule a 15 minute discovery call and we can see if our work aligns!

Workshops I offer
Stay Organized With a Family Command Center

This one-hour introduction to the family command center is based on my popular online workshop taken by more than 5,000 families.

Problem Solving with Systems

Systems can be powerful problem-solvers for organizational and family issues. Got interpersonal, logistical, or accountability snags at home or work? I've got a system for that!

Purposeful Planning for Your Brain

Focusing on exactly how to customize systems for YOUR brain, this workshop guides participants through practical personal planning strategies. Be more efficient with your time, spend less brain power remembering things, and get yourself to do more with less energy. 

You Need a SYSTEM, not a Budget: Family Money Management

A budget is a plan, but a SYSTEM actually operationalizes it. This one-hour workshop helps you create a system for managing your money that helps you spend less, save more, and reduces the work it takes to manage your family finances. If you've ever been interested in setting up automation systems for your money, this is for you!

Using Your Values to Set Goals

Our personal values can guide us and help us create goals and plans that are actually tailor-made! This workshop helps participants discover their personal values around work, family, money, and career, and uses those values to guide goal-setting. 

Systems Audit: Are your Home and Work Systems WORKING?

It's one thing to set up systems. It's another to keep them working. This one-hour workshop includes a systems-audit for your organizational systems at work or at home, then helps you make a plan for fixing broken systems or creating new ones that work better for your group.

Team Building for Teams (and families!)

Whether your team is brand new or decades old, taking time to build a belonging and cooperation is key to success. I work with leaders of teams or leaders of families (parents!) to build systems around team culture that drive alignment and success.

Home and Office: Organizational Strategies for Success

If you're a boss at work and a mess at home (or vice versa), it's time to integrate! The skills you use for success at work are translatable to home life, and this workshop is designed to help you determine exactly what kind of systems you need to make home and work both successful.

Hi, I'm Julie

• Career educator, Former School Principal

• Founder and Chief of Schools of a mid-sized charter management organization with 400 employees and 2500 students

I help families (especially moms) address the huge demands of parenting and running a home.

My framework equips families with tools for setting up systems at home and work that increase their capacity and reduce mental stress.