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Info about The Bossy House

About The Bossy House

I’m a school principal and single mom, and started The Bossy House over summer vacation in 2018. I write about life-management for in-charge women, encouraging professionals to align their values and goals to all the areas of their lives. I use the same ideas that I use at work to run a mid-size organization to help women organize their goals, streamline their house, and thrive at work and at home.

The Bossy House is full of ideas and tips for taking charge of parenting, the house, the job, and your goals. My readers are mainly women ages 25-55 who are motivated, ambitious, and ready to take charge. My tips and encouragement support women on their ambitious path and cheer them on along the way.

What can you find at the bossy house?
  • Strategies for doing less meaningless work and spending more time with the ones we love
  • Free printables that help you organize your life 
  • Support for women who want to thrive in their career and align it with their goals, family set up, and personal values
  • A principal's perspective on helping your child develop their skills and confidence
  • Support for parents on aligning their values to the daily decisions of parenting

  • Ideas for automating systems and simplifying the work of home management
  • A free home re-organization mini-course that helps women start re-imagining their home from the ground up, with their values
  • An email newsletter that sends weekly tips and inspiration for women taking charge
  • Social media: find The Bossy House on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

I write about the following topics: home organization, organizational alignment, time management, your values as a family, work-life balance, career advancement for women, routines for kids, developing early math and language skills, Montessori at home, financial planning, handling parenting struggles, setting goals, putting you and your ambitions at the center of the family, raising strong girls, strategies for meeting your goals, and so much more!