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Use Vision Board Strategies for Your Finances

woman with glasses

Are vision boards magic? NOPE. But they work. Learn how to use vision board strategies for your finances and get started with your financial goal-setting for this year!


The Hidden Costs of Disorganization

financial planning

There are significant hidden costs to financial disorganization, and those include lost time, money, and energy. Find out if you are in need of setting up some systems and get some ideas for taking charge!


Why you should take charge of your money NOW

Take charge of your finances now

It’s time to take charge of your money management. Get a big-picture system in place so you avoid those negative consequences and meet your financial goals.


Financial Planning Tools–Get the Right Ones!

financial planning tools

In this Facebook live, I walk you through the best financial planning tools for you to take charge of your finances! It’s nothing fancy, you’ve just got to get the right system!


If You Think you are Bad With Money…

financial planning

Think you’re bad with money? Think again. You just need the right mindset and the right plan for you. Visit for more ideas for taking charge of your finances.


What to do when you hate budgeting


The reason you hate budgeting? It DOES NOT WORK to manage your money. It’s just a plan–and you need a system for making sure that PLAN works! Check out my live training on making a system work for you!


How to Get Out of Debt as Fast as Possible

get out of debt

To get out of debt, figure out where you are bleeding money then make a plan to send as much money each month to debt as possible.


How to Trick Yourself Into Spending Less Money

woman taking charge

Even if you’re not broke, you need a system to keep your spending under control. Learn my tips to trick yourself into spending less money and start the year meeting more of your goals!