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Reduce the stress of motherhood

Reduce the stress of motherhood


If you're feeling some stress (and let's be honest, all moms are), today we are talking about my favorite 4 ways to reduce your stress as a mom. 

So the research shows women are experiencing MORE stress than men, and we know why: it has to do with the visible and invisible work of motherhood. 

It IS worth it AND achievable. 

Let's talk about where the most mental stress comes in:

-the invisible mental load of running a home and parenting

-the chores that never end

-being the stop gap for the family emotional needs

We are not going to solve #3. I’m not here to give you strategies to get your kids to need you less.  I don’t know how to do that.

But I do have strategies for the others. 

There are 4 ways I outline here in this video that will help you start to set some boundaries and reduce stress at home. 

It's possible to reduce your stress

It IS possible to reduce your stress levels, but it does take some work on your part. 

This video is NOT about self care. Self-care isn't going to get us to lighten the load of motherhood. 

This video is all about four ways to start in your home by establishing boundaries and setting up systems. Check it out!