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Why budgets don’t work and what to do about it

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You hate budgets because budgets DON’T WORK to manage your money. You don’t need a line-item budget to be able to make a pan. You need a system that will help you manage the way your money is USED every month!


Financial Planning Tools–Get the Right Ones!

financial planning tools

In this Facebook live, I walk you through the best financial planning tools for you to take charge of your finances! It’s nothing fancy, you’ve just got to get the right system!


Shift Your Money Mindset

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Would you believe that the most powerful tool to take charge of your finances is your mind? If you can shift your money mindset, you can take charge of your finances and get on the path to financial freedom.


Join the Facebook Group: Boss Your Budget

Boss Your Budget Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group Boss Your Budget and work with other women who are also on their financial planning journey. You’ll get support from other women taking charge of their finances and using The Bossy House systems to get free of financial worry!


Tools for Financial Planning

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I believe the right tools help you do the job right! In this post, I’m sharing the tools for financial planning that I use– both to create my financial planning system and keep me motivated to keep my finances together. Download my templates, get some planning tools together, and jump start your financial life!


Clean up your finances

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Are your finances a mess? Take this step to clean up your finances by auditing your bank account. Giving your bank account a once-over is something we’re supposed to be doing regularly. Like every month. If you’re not doing that, use my template to audit yours today!


Automating Your Finances for Financial Freedom

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You should be automating your finances because thinking about money every month is annoying, stressful, and unnecessary. Instead, put a bunch of effort into setting up a financial plan and automating it, and you’ll end the stress AND meet your goals effortlessly. Along the way, you’ll answer key questions like: Where is all my money going? Can I afford my lifestyle? What goals should I have?


Avoid Budget Pitfalls with Easy Scheduling Techniques

Avoid Budget Pitfalls with these Easy Scheduling Techniques |The Bossy House

You’re not irresponsible. You’re not lousy with money. You just need a plan. Use smart scheduling techniques to avoid common budget pitfalls like overdraft charges and late fees, and make a plan that deals with those big bills that derail your budget every month.