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Use Vision Board Strategies for Your Finances

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Are vision boards magic? NOPE. But they work. Learn how to use vision board strategies for your finances and get started with your financial goal-setting for this year!


Financial Planning Tools–Get the Right Ones!

financial planning tools

In this Facebook live, I walk you through the best financial planning tools for you to take charge of your finances! It’s nothing fancy, you’ve just got to get the right system!


How to change your mindset about money

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If you want to know how to change your mindset about money, here’s the secret: you have to be open to deliberately shifting the way you think about money. Then you make real financial change!


Shift Your Money Mindset

money mindsets video

Would you believe that the most powerful tool to take charge of your finances is your mind? If you can shift your money mindset, you can take charge of your finances and get on the path to financial freedom.


Join the Facebook Group: Boss Your Budget

Boss Your Budget Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group Boss Your Budget and work with other women who are also on their financial planning journey. You’ll get support from other women taking charge of their finances and using The Bossy House systems to get free of financial worry!


Tools for Financial Planning

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I believe the right tools help you do the job right! In this post, I’m sharing the tools for financial planning that I use– both to create my financial planning system and keep me motivated to keep my finances together. Download my templates, get some planning tools together, and jump start your financial life!


Clean up your finances

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Are your finances a mess? Take this step to clean up your finances by auditing your bank account. Giving your bank account a once-over is something we’re supposed to be doing regularly. Like every month. If you’re not doing that, use my template to audit yours today!


Audit Your Bank Account

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Every six months you should give your bank account a good audit. Make sure you’re not wasting money on fraudulent charges or subscriptions you don’t want. These templates make the process so easy!