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Why Mental Stress in Motherhood Matters

Why mental stress in motherhood matters


Today we’re talking about why mental stress in motherhood matters. 

Moms are stressed out now more than ever. A global pandemic has made it very clear that when society fails, we turn to mothers as the stopgap. 

But moms were stressed long before the pandemic. 

It's baked into the job.

Yes, at least now motherhood is recognized as a job. But it's a job without pay, benefits, colleagues, a supervisor, and finite work hours. 

And because so much of our work is invisible, even the folks who benefit from our work (i.e. our awesome family) don't understand that we're WORKING all the time. 

Check out the video below if you need some helpful perspective and ideas for making a change.

Despite the challenges, we are all working to reduce the mental stress in motherhood so we can enjoy the good stuff with our kids! 

I've got ideas that will help you think about saving time and energy on the chores, leaving you more time for the good stuff!

Mental stress in motherhood--you CAN do something about it

First up, I've created a planner for creating a weekend routine that saves time and energy. 

In case you're working ALL WEEKEND to get ready for Monday, this is for you!

You can download my Sunday Routine Planner and get started right away. 

Sunday Routine Planner

It's the perfect way to get started putting some systems in place at home right now! I help you batch together all of your routines and chores, and you'll save tons of time! Use this to get started setting up routines at home for YOU!