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Set Up a Homeschool Workspace

homeschool workspace


Looking for ideas to set up your homeschool workspace? 

Get my tips for WHAT exactly to put out for kids to do during independent work time--mostly from things you have AROUND THE HOUSE!

The name of the game is preparing the environment so you don't have to constantly be setting things up. 

In our house, our coffee table is the "works" space, with 8-10 different individual activities that can be completed alone. 

Set your own homeschool workspace up and you'll be on your way to getting back precious independent time for yourself. 

To get you started, I share our favorite independent activities and how to create them from household items. 

Your homeschool workspace doesn't need to be fancy or include all Montessori style materials. 

As a school principal and single mom of a 6 year old, I'd like to offer the perspective that you don't have to do it all, and your homeschool can look however works best for your family.

How do we use the homeschool workspace?

The idea is that the kids have a space separate from you to do their work. It doesn't matter where it is (except it should NOT be in YOUR workspace) and it doesn't really matter how you set it up. 

The important thing is that there are activities (in the Montessori world, we call those "works") that can be done without help. 

And then you'll want to set up some expectations in your home about how long your child needs to be independent during the day. 

Use these templates to set up your low-key homeschool schedule and get back to supporting your family to thrive and enjoy this time together. 

Interested in LOW-KEY Homeschooling?

Low-Key Homeschool Planning Sheets

Get this Relaxed Schedule and Checklist to get started setting up your home for school closures yet retain your sanity as a family!