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Talk to Your Kids About Racism


Are you struggling to figure out how to talk to your kids about racism? 

If you're a white parent, you might already be giving your kids access to the stories of many cultures. You might have a huge variety of children's books representing many ethnicities and experiences. Your white kids might have black dolls and a multi-racial group of friends. 

These things are terrific and need to happen in our homes as white parents so we give our children an accurate picture of the world we live in. 

What needs to happen now is conversations about RACISM. This is harder. 

I am speaking as a white mom to other white moms here: we have to see this as our work too. That means struggling to explain what's happening in the world to our kids with accuracy and courage. 

I've listed some resources below to get started-- not just for your kids but for YOU.

If what you're seeing in the world seems unjust, and if you are struggling to explain it, what might need to happen right now is that you do some work to get yourself educated so you can talk to your kids. I've got some good online courses, podcasts, and articles below. 

And of course, if you want to jump in TODAY and start to talk to your kids about racism, I've linked three YouTube videos of books you don't have to order. Story time tonight can be a very basic look at what racism is. 

As always, I suggest you watch the video without your child first to make sure you're comfortable with the material. All three of these books are suitable for under 7.  

Take charge, mom, and help build a better world by raising kids who understand the hard stuff. It's up to you what to say, but it's time to start. 

My favorite resources to help you talk to your kids about racism 

youtube versions of books for right now:
Resources for White Parents to Learn More About Race and Racism:
Learn about Black history:

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